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Theresia LüningMail order with Pick Up possibility

The Whisky Store is mainly a mail order operation. But you are able to pick up your pre chosen bottles during the pick up hours. With tens of thousands customers, our limited personnel and the limited parking possibilities, we can not run a normal shop.

Please pay strict attention to our pick up hours:

Pick Up Hours: Thu, 8:00-12:00 and 15:00-17:00

Fri 15:00-17:00

Order Hours: Mon - Fri. 9:00-12:00 and 14:00-18:00

Where is Seeshaupt?

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My Storage

My Storage

The Whisky Store was founded in 1993 in Seeshaupt at Lake Starnberg (Germany, Bavaria, close to Munich). The main sales products are high-grade Scottish single malt whiskies. Beside this The Whisky Store sells an increasing amount of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys, Tennessee Whiskies and Whisk(e)ys from Ireland, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.


Proprietor and general manager of The Whisky Store is Theresia Lüning, who felled in love with single malt whisky in 1990 during a travel to Scotland. She kept on traveling to Scotland in the following years and visited 110 out of the 120 remaining distilleries or its artifacts.

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The Whisky Store consists of 3½ sales rooms, two offices, a packing room with two packing facilities and two storages. On the boards for display are always thousands of bottles of single malt whisky. The supply of rare brands is assured by the European network of wholesale dealers.


Good single malt whiskies cost between 25,00 and 250 EURO a bottle. The majority of the whiskies in The Whisky Store cost between 25,00 and 50,00 EURO. Theresia Lüning is especially proud of her good assortment of cask bottlings of the independent bottlers. These bottles are often signed with the cask and bottle numbers as well as with the numbers of bottles filled, the dates of distillation and bottling, the type of wood of the cask and the proof strength of the whisky. Between these bottles the gourmet and the collector find an outstanding selection.

Miniatures and accessories for the whisky lover are provided by The Whisky Store in a good assortment. Books, water jugs, whisky glasses, pocket bottles and miniature stills lead to the right atmosphere at the whisky lovers home.


blend_6.jpg (16417 Byte)The Whisky Store was able to grow considerably every year due to its individual customer service and the broad offer to reasonable prices.

The price list is issued regularly in spring and autumn.

Since 1994 The Whisky Store was represented as one of the first whisky dealers in the Internet. At '' the whisky lover finds one of the biggest on whisky specialized internet pages. Beside information around whisky and its production, the net surfer is also able to visit all Scottish distilleries and most of the American, Irish and Canadian distilleries. More than 5.000 pictures on 1.500 single pages get a detailed impression to the interested surfer about:

  • Single Malt Whisky in Scotland
  • Grain Whisky in Scotland
  • Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey and
  • Tennessee Whisky in the USA
  • Canadian Whisky and
  • Irish Whiskey.


Seeshaupt, May 2002

Theresia Lüning


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