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Your Privacy and Data Protection inside The Whisky Store

Just Between Us!

You are able to navigate unobserved on my pages without giving me any private information. If you submit an order from my shop, you are asked only for the absolute necessary private information so that I am able to fulfil your order. - And I tell you always, why I need your data.

If you decide to contact me I promise you, that I will keep your address and input strictly confidential. I will store your address in my computers for the handling of your orders and the communication.

Your data is stored on my computers on the Internet only for a limited time. By this procedure I limit the risk of an attack on your data in the Internet. My computers are protected against attacks by state of the art measures.


As far as "Cookies" are concerned, I use them only for storing your selections inside the shop basket. "Cookies" are small pieces of data which are sent to your browser. No personal data or surf patterns are stored in my "Cookies".

Email Addresses

If you give me your Email Address, I will ask you for approval in front of adding your address to any mailing list. In all other cases I use your address only for the delivery of a better service or to give you answers to your questions or information to your orders.

Links to other Web Pages

From time to time my pages contain links to other pages on the Internet. I am not responsible for the content of these pages, the acknowledgement of your privacy on these pages, or your data protection on these other pages.

Third Party Involvement

The Whisky Store will not sell, rent or lease your personal data, nor will it give your data to third parties by other means. I will always ask for your permission if I intend to do so. Exceptions from this procedure are my contractors e.g. Deutsche Post AG or my print-shop, which would not be able to fulfil your question/order without your address (that's logical, isn't it?).

It is my strict will, that you feel as comfortable as possible on my pages. If you have doubts at a particular place or you feel uncomfortable, please contact me at We will take care of your thoughts and provide answers to your questions.


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