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The books shown here are dealing with whisky from all around the world and the countries, they are produced in. Naturally most of the books describe Scottish Single Malt Whisky, but lovers of American, Irish and Canadian Whiskies find also lots of information here.

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All books are introduced here with their original description on the cover. The Whisky Store has consciously avoided any individual text and ranking. Some of these books are already out of production. The books marked with a are available at our shop.

Please have a look at my German Books also.

Author Book Title
Arthur, Helen The Single Malt Whisky Companion
Barnard, Alfred The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom
Brander, Michael The Essential Guide to Scotch Whisky
Brown, Gordon The Whisky Trails
Cooper, Derek A Taste of Scotch
The Little Book of Malt Whiskies
Craig, H. Charles The Scotch Whisky Industry Record
Cribb, Stephen; Cribb, Julie Whisky on the Rocks
Daiches, David A Wee Dram - Drinking Scenes from Scottish Literature
Scotch Whisky - It's past and present
Fleming, Susan The Little Whisky Book
Gunn, Neil M. Whisky & Scotland
Harris, Bill; Houghton, Louise Scotland - A Picture Memory
Harris, James F.; Waymack, Mark H. Single-Malt Whiskies of Scotland
The Book of Classic American Whiskys
House, Jack Pride of Perth
Jackson, Michael Malt Whisky Companion
Lamond, John; Tucek, Robin The Malt File
Lockhart, Sir Robert Bruce Scotch - The Whisky of Scotland in fact and story
Mackenzie, Compton Whisky Galore
MacLean, Charles malt whisky
Pocket Whisky Book
Magee, Malachy 1000 Years of Irish Whiskey
Mc Dougall, John; Smith, Gavin D. Wort Worms & Washbacks
Mc Dowall, R.J.S. The Whiskies of Scotland
McBain, Stewart 200 Years of Distilling Tradition
McHardy, Stuart Tales of Whisky and Smuggling
Milsted, David Bluff your way in Whisky
Morton, Tom Spirit of Adventure - A Journey Beyond the Whisky Trails
Moss, Michael Scotch Whisky
Murray, Jim Classic Bourbon - Tennessee & Rye Whisky
Classic Irish Whiskey
Irish Whisky Almanac
Pacult, F. Paul Kindred Spirits
Regan, Gary; Regan, Mardee Haidin The Book of Bourbon (and other fine American Whiskeys)
The Bourbon Companion
Shaw, Carol P. Whisky (Collins Gem)
Whisky (Collins Pocket Reference)
Smith, Gavin D. Whisky
A to Z of Whisky
Spiller, Brian Cardhu - The world of malt whisky
Steadman, Ralph Still Life with Bottle
Townsend, Brian The Lost Distilleries of Ireland
Weir, Dr. R. B. The History of Distillers Company 1877-1939
Wilson, Neil Scotch and Water
Wright, Gordon; Tait, Norman The Isle of Jura - Images from the past

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