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The mystery of Scotland brings many people from far and wide to Speyside, the heart of malt whisky country. And with over a dozen distilleries a stones throw away it is no small wonder Elgin is seen as the capital and centre of malt whisky country.

It is from this central location that the founders of Gordon & MacPhail, Mr James Gordon and Mr John Alexander MacPhail, forged links and pooled their resources to create an establishment that celebrated its Centenary year in 1995.

Established in 1895, long before the days of supermarkets, instant coffee and refrigerators, Gordon & MacPhail soon became an essential part of the Elgin community, offering customers grocery products of the highest quality.

The ShopAs you enter the shop you are greeted by aromas of freshly ground coffee and wonderful local hams cooking on the premises. In the selection of high quality grocery products, many of which are local, you will find such epicure items as Smoked Oysters in Cottonseed Oil and Strawberry Jam with Pink Champagne.

From as far back as 1895 Gordon & MacPhail have been selecting and buying malt whisky from distilleries throughout all the regions of Scotland, maturing it in their own casks and bottling it, when they consider it to be at its best, for sale under their own labels. It is from this foundation that the shop welcomes visitors from all over the world, looking for that special bottle of Scotch whisky to take home.

Inside the ShopIt is now famous throughout the world for its unequalled stocks of whisky ~ over 200 brands and 400 different expressions of whisky are available at any one time. Some of them are extremely rare.

Many of Gordon & MacPhail’s brands are available as miniatures for sampling; others are presented in specially commissioned ceramic and crystal decanters, commemorating vintage years or events.

It has been called an Aladdins Cave for whisky enthusiasts, who travel from all over the world to browse through the crowded shelves.

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